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The scarf travel pochette is a perfect companion when travelling with scarves, and an ideal solution for storing scarves at home. 

It has six compartments and can hold up to ten 90 Carrés. Storing, viewing and and choosing your scarves is easy, practical and fast, and since the pochette is made of fabric, it is light weight too. Please click here to see how it works. 

 The neutral collection ~ Toile de Jouy in taupe/violine
 The neutral collection ~ Toile de Jouy in beige/ecru/ebene
The neutral collection ~ Bastide

The neutral collection ~ Rayons

The color collection ~ Jardins de Nîmes 
in rouge, bleu, vert nil and saffron/miel

  Jardins de Nîmes -vert nil

  Jardins de Nîmes - miel/saffron

Each travel pochette covers a different feature and part of the motif, making them all individual and unique.
The color collection ~ Provence